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Monday, 03 August 2015 15:54
Ubiquinol is vital for a healthy heart
Ubiquinol is vital for a healthy heart

Ubiquinol is present in almost all the body's cells and the muscles of the heart, in particular, contain very large quantities. This is why Ubiquinol is called "the heart's vitamin".


Our heart is a quite exceptional organ. It beats some 60 to 90 times a minute for a healthy adult. And in that time it pumps around 5 litres of blood. When the heart is permanently weakened, for example after a heart attack or disease, it is incapable of powering sufficient blood throughout the body. This results in exhaustion, breathlessness and tiredness even in accomplishing the most trivial tasks.

100 mg of Ubiquinol per day is a sufficient dose to sustain the heart
Ubiquinol is essential for producing the body's energy. Thus, the organs that require lots of energy, like the heart, need great quantities of this vital substance. The muscles of the heart contain the highest concentration of Ubiquinol in the body. As natural production of Ubiquinol by the body diminishes with age, energy production in the heart also decreases. The heart thereby becomes weaker. If this critical state persists for several years, heart failure can occur and, with it, a knock-on effect on other organs.  These other organs don't receive sufficient blood, bodily functions perform less well and stamina is sapped. Those who suffer from heart problems frequently suffer also from a lack of Ubiquinol. But, if this vital substance is taken as a food supplement, it is possible to maintain and even increase energy production in the heart.

The downside of statins: a lack of Ubiquinol
Special attention needs to be paid to the level of Ubiquinol in the blood by people who take statins, because these particular cholesterol inhibitors also inhibit the natural bodily production of Ubiquinol.  After prolonged use, and particularly with advancing years, users of such drugs can be affected by nutritional deficiencies. These would produce muscular problems, with symptoms such as aches, cramp and trembling, plus a general lack of energy. Coupled with heart failure, a lack of Ubiquinol caused by using statins can clearly aggravate all the symptoms of the original afflictions

For whom is Ubiquinol - the "heart's vitamin" - recommended?

•    For all those who wish actively to take in hand the health of their heart
•    For people with a high risk of cardiovascular problems
•    For those already taking drugs for existing conditions such as heart failure or following a heart attack
•    For people who take anti-cholesterol drugs (statins)
•    For amateur and professional sportsmen and women

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