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Ubiquinol, the indispensable "vitamin" for human cells

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Monday, 03 August 2015 16:04
The active form of Coenzyme Q10: improves health, vitality and well-being
The active form of Coenzyme Q10: improves health, vitality and well-being (© WavebreakMediaMicro, Fotolia)

Many people are familiar with Coenzyme Q10 which is used in many anti-ageing formulations. What many people do not know, though, is that this substance is not just an ingredient in beauty creams. It is simply indispensable for the production of energy in human cells.

The directly active form, and therefore the more effective form, of Coenzyme Q10 is called Ubiquinol. This substance, acting rather like a vitamin, is an essential element in the body's ability to carry out most of its functions, and can slow down the ageing process in human cells by protecting them from the harmful actions of free radicals. This explains why Ubiquinol is so beneficial and this in numerous areas - physical and mental capacity, the health of our hearts, our immune systems, resistance to stress, the state or our skin and even, for men, the quality of their sperm.

In principle, our bodies produce sufficient quantities of Ubiquinol. But with advancing years, less is produced. A critical lack of Ubiquinol can be found in people under permanent stress or who carry out physically demanding tasks or who suffer from certain diseases such as diabetes. The surge in requirements by certain people such as sportsmen and women suggests a need for a daily increment in the supply of this vital substance. Ubiquinol is already active and, in the form of a food supplement, better and more rapidly assimilated by the human organism than Coenzyme Q10. There is no need for the body to activate Ubiquinol because it is directly available in active form. As a result it is clearly effective in smaller quantities. A daily dose of between 50 and 100 mg of Ubiquinol is sufficient to have a noticeable effect on vitality and energy. It is important to underline the fact that Ubiquinol generates no side effects and does not interfere with the body's natural production of the substance.   

Ubiquinol is one of those substances that have been subjected to the most exhaustive scientific evaluations. Scientists the world over have been able to demonstrate its effectiveness for the human body.

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