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Ubiquinol improves sperm quality

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Monday, 03 August 2015 16:10
Ubiquinol, in the form of a food supplement, is a discreet and harmless form of therapy
Ubiquinol, in the form of a food supplement, is a discreet and harmless form of therapy

A food supplement containing this 'cellular vitamin' can increase male fertility

The idea that sterility is something that affects only women is simply a shibboleth. Reasons for sterility are often found with the male partner and also sometimes with both partners at the same time.


For men, sterility does not mean being impotent. The ability to procreate depends on the quantity of spermatozoa capable of fertilising an ovule. From around the age of 30, the quality of human sperm starts, and continues, to diminish. There are many other negative influences on fertility including certain illnesses and environmental factors, obesity, an unbalanced diet, excessive alcohol consumption, regular intensive physical activity and stress. The causes are not always obvious. For many couples, the reason for infertility remains a mystery and they often seek a safe and discreet therapeutic solution.  Scientific studies have proved the effectiveness of Ubiquinol in treating male infertility. These studies have demonstrated that a daily intake of 200 mg of Ubiquinol can significantly improve sperm quality. Amongst other things, they have shown that the motility of spermatozoa is increased. Thus, fertility for people in such situations can be enhanced. Ubiquinol is the prime factor in the production of energy in human cells and also acts as a protective anti-oxidant against the degenerative ravages brought on by old age.

Ubiquinol has no side effects and is one of the most completely analysed compounds in the history of scientific research. Scientists the world over have been able to demonstrate its importance and its effectiveness for the human body.

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