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Protection against the negative effects of stress

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Monday, 03 August 2015 16:30
Ubiquinol helps to neutralise the harmful effects that stress may have on people's health
Ubiquinol helps to neutralise the harmful effects that stress may have on people's health

More and more people suffer from stress, particularly in their professional activities, and have difficulty in relaxing and switching off from their work. And those who are faced with the threefold responsibility of work, family and household duties can rapidly feel exhausted, both physically and mentally.


Permanent stress? One in five people say they feel to be under permanent stress, according to a study carried out by the German Health Insurance organisation (Techniker Krankenkasse). It is well known that there are different forms of stress and not all have negative effects. In the right amount, stress can be quite positive. But in the long term, it is not only disruptive but can be harmful to a person's health causing insomnia, head-aches, irritability, muscular aches and high blood pressure. It is during these stressful moments that the organism needs an increase in the vital nutrients required for maintaining important metabolic functions.

Ubiquinol helps protect the body from the harmful side-effects of chronic stress. It acts in a similar way to a vitamin and helps to keep cells in good health. It increases their energy production, enabling an improvement in physical activities. Ubiquinol may also reduce chronic stress-related fatigue.

As a vital substance present naturally in each human cell, it protects against harmful free radicals, substances that are produced in greater quantities at times of stress.

A sufficient level of Ubiquinol is particularly important for the heart, the organ in the body that cannot be allowed to underperform. Normally, the body produces its own Ubiquinol. However, natural bodily production diminishes significantly with age. Prolonged stress may also create a lack of Ubiquinol.  Result - the immune system is weakened and performance and stamina are reduced.

A targeted food supplement can easily prevent such a lack. The results from a recent study would suggest that regular absorption of Ubiquinol can reduce the negative effects of work-related stress. This cellular 'vitamin' is shown to be important for those who are particularly subject to conditions where the body and mind are overworked. This includes sportsmen and women and those who suffer from chronic illnesses. Ubiquinol, taken daily in the form of capsules for example, protects cells and contributes to a perceptible increase in energy and well-being.

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