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When the Ubiquinol level drops Featured

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Monday, 03 August 2015 16:25
Age takes its toll on the level of Ubiquinol in the body's organs
Age takes its toll on the level of Ubiquinol in the body's organs

With advancing age, the metabolism slows down and the natural production of Ubiquinol by the body diminishes significantly, such that the organs do not receive adequate quantities. For example, a forty-year old person has thirty percent less Ubiquinol in the muscles of the heart than someone twenty years younger.

And this diminution of Ubiquinol in the body continues with each subsequent year. Diseases of the heart and other illnesses such as diabetes, or the taking of certain drugs such as statins, are also causes of a drop in the Ubiquinol levels. An unbalanced diet may also have a negative impact on the amount of Ubiquinol if, as a result, there is a lack of certain important ingredients required by the body to produce the Ubiquinol naturally.  Those at risk include elderly people and those who are ill, but also smokers, vegetarians and pregnant women.  And the group includes all those who have a need for surges in energy such as top-ranking sportsmen and women, and those who need to fight repeated attacks from free radicals such as those who are in constant stress situations.

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