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Interview with Toscana Viar: Nutritionist of Athletic Club de Bilbao Featured

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Interview with Toscana Viar: Nutritionist of Athletic Club de Bilbao
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We have spoken with Toscana Viar, who has a degree in Pharmacy, Diploma in Human Nutrition and Dietetics, she is also Specialist in Sports Nutrition by the International Olympic Committee, and the founder and director of The Health Company (Getxo); Since 2008 she is also coordinator of the Nutrition work group and member of the Training Commission of the Official College of Pharmacists in Bilbao.


Toscana has been part of the Medical team of Athletic Club de Bilbao for the last 7 seasons. She divides her time, combining her work with the team and with her own clinic, where she works with all kinds of athletes and also with people who are not practicing any sport. Her task in the club, among many others, is to enhance the physical performance of the players, working with Food Supplements and a carefully composed diet. The past season was the second year that she has chosen to use the products of 100% Natural, S.L. for the first team, especially QUINOL10®, based on KANEKA QH™ Ubiquinol.


The official policy of Athletic de Bilbao is rather unique in elite football and worth mentioning. It is based on recruiting only professional players native to or footballistically trained in the greater Basque Country.


Toscana, first of all, CONGRATULATIONS! Athletic Club de Bilbao has classified to play the Champions League season 2014/2015, for the first time in 16 years. There has been a lot of comments in the media about how strong the team has been this season, and some colleagues of other clubs have also commented on the great physical form of the players.
This past season has been very exciting with a lot of hard work. There has been a great teamwork between the technical team and the medical services to maintain a good physical level. As part of this attention, the food and nutrition has been very important, and this is how we managed to keep up the high level of our game until the end of the season.


In your experience, what advantage can food supplements offer to professional athletes?
Food supplements offer three fundamental factors for an optimal performance. They can offer increased energy and a delay in the onset of fatigue. When there is a continuous competition, the recovery time between matches is short, so the need to recover quickly is necessary to have a yield of 100%. Supplements can protect against physical stress, oxidative stress and inflammation. One of our priorities is to limit the injuries of the players as much as possible, and when injuries happen we need to help them recover as quickly as possible. Finally, supplements can be a great help to the digestive system. Digestive discomfort caused by abuse and anti-inflammatory medication can reduce the overall performance of the player.


What do you look for in a quality product?
For me the key is to work from a health perspective. I do not use supplements that artificially increase performance and create temporary energy, instead I try to optimize the physiological process so the athlete can perform at their best on an everyday basis. It is vital that nutrients are natural and safe, since we have to pass doping tests each week. It is also very important to have the proper concentrations that are clearly specified on the labeling, to ensure the proper effect of the nutrients. Handling and production must also be adequate. What matters most is to find products that are reliable, that it is an innovative product backed by scientific studies that demonstrate its benefits. Other factors affecting quality are: how they are processed, where they come from, and the bioavailability of its ingredients. The bioavailability of food supplements and plants is perhaps the most important aspects to define the efficacy of the finished product.


We know that you have given special importance to Quinol10 this season, which is a product based on the Ubiquinol QH made by Kaneka Corporation. Can you tell us a bit about this exciting nutrient?
Ubiquinol is the active form of the Coenzyme Q10, an antioxidant lipid present in all living cells. Ubiquinol supplementation helps to refill the appropriate Ubiquinol levels in the body, which is important since its deficiency can negatively affects the muscle. The function of Ubiquinol is to extract energy from food to produce useful energy. Ubiquinol plays a key role in maintaining muscle function whenever there is glucose and lipids as energy deposits, and helps avoiding the risk of injury and discomfort. No side effects have been reported, even in prolonged treatments for years.


It is also an important antioxidant, preventing oxidative damage caused by intense exercise. Immediately after exercise increased blood glucose is produced to nurture the exhausted muscle. Ubiquinol compensate oxidative stress and muscle damage and allow it to recover faster after intense exercise. Besides improving physical performance, ubiquinol also protects the heart and can reduce the risk of heart problems that professional football players may suffer.


How did you get to know the Coenzyme Q10?
I heard about it when I attended a Congress of Sports Nutrition and Sports Medicine, in Newcastle. There was a presentation about the CoQ10 and in particular its active form Ubiquinol manufactured by the Japanese company Kaneka. I started researching and saw that there were several published studies with very good results achieved in sport performance.


After this congress I started to use Ubiquinol. We have been working with the product Quinol10 by 100% Natural, for a couple of years now. It is a supplement based on KANEKA QH™ Ubiquinol that is totally safe. It helps refill the appropriate Ubiquinol levels in the body and increase the energy we need in competition.


What do the scientific studies say about Ubiquinol?
Quinol10 has numerous studies supporting its beneficial properties. According to a published study with German Olympic Athletes who consumed 300 mg of ubiquinol for 6 weeks, increased their maximum power. Although the difference between the group supplemented with ubiquinol and the control was small, it was a statistically significant percentage, and for athletes any small improvement can be the difference between getting 8th or win a gold medal.


These small differences are what makes a difference. Ubiquinol is a non-doping substance, so that athletes can take it without risk. The dose for a normal person is 50-100mg/day, but I advise athletes to take from 200 to 300 mg / day, the dose can even climb up to 500 mg / day, since athletes need more energy or ATP. Research has demonstrated recently that Ubiquinol is able to refill the Ubiquinol which is lost during intense sports activities. It is best to consume it in the morning with food containing some fat since Ubiquinol is a lipid.


Can you tell us something about your own experience with Ubiquinol?
It’s not just what the studies say, the athletes who take Ubiquinol do notice an increased energy both physically and mentally. An interesting thing is that Ubiquinol is a body-own substance and you replace simply what is lost. I also recommend ubiquinol for patients in my clinic who suffer from fibromyalgia, with positive results. I am also looking forward to the study we are starting, that I am sure will demonstrate the positive effect of Ubiquinol in the players.


And finally, why did you choose to work with the products from 100% Natural?
Their products are composed of natural quality ingredients, and are safe for our health. Also, they are innovative products backed by their own studies made with the specific ingredients used in the products that show their beneficial health properties. The extraction and processing methods are totally safe and effective, with standardization levels that guarantee that the correct dose of the bioactive ingredients is delivered and will be able produce their expected health benefits.


Thank you Toscana, for having spent this time with us, it’s been a pleasure to learn from you! And we wish you and the team all the best for next season.



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